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Save Time & Move Fast with Nordic Venture Academy

Live - Interactive - Digital
Acceleration Workshops
with Nordic Startup Experts

  • Move Fast: save months, get expert-insights in 3 hours

  • Get Focus: pick one topic at a time and make progress

  • Interact: with startup experts and workshop participants 

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Nordic Startup

Before you build your product, or invest time on accelerators & programs, or look for co-founders & investors - join this powerful & interactive 3-hour startup bootcamp. Our expert guides you on the mindset shift you need as a startup founder and breaks down the startup building process for you to launch a fundable global venture.

Instructor:  Naimul Abd

Nordic Ecosystem Builder | Impact Entrepreneur | Early Stage Investor

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Agile & Rapid Learning Cycles for Startups 

There are so many tools and canvas for startups that creating a new business can be confusing! But it doesn’t have to be that way! Structure and flow are the biggest challenges for startup founders. Everyone is telling you what to do, but never WHEN or HOW to do it! In this workshop, our expert walks you through a lightweight structured way to address all the challenges and more importantly create the necessary knowledge exactly when you need it.

Instructor:  Fernanda Torre

CEO Next Agents | VP Innovationsledarna
Founding Member, Boards Impact Forum

From Linear to Circular Business Model Innovation

This workshop is designed to guide and empower startup entrepreneurs in adopting circular innovation principles for their businesses. We will provide an understanding of the shift from traditional linear business models to sustainable and regenerative circular models (and how to embrace it from the start, avoiding the ‘old business models’ mistakes!).

Instructor: Henryk Stawicki

Sustainability Expert, Director for Circular & Sustainability-led Innovation at Next Agents, Co-Founder of Change Pilots

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Startup Legal 

What are key legal concepts you need to know as a startup founder? How do you structure startup relationships for success? How do you protect your business and intellectual property? What do you need to do to make the company investor ready? For these and more questions, join this interactive workshop with one of the Nordic's leading firms.

Instructor: Ulf Linden
Founder and COO, LegalWorks Nordic

Angel Investing Essentials

You absolutely love startups and would like to build your own startup portfolio as an angel investor. But where do you start? How to source deals? How to sit across the table and assess ideas? How to coach founders? Let Nordic's leading angel investor guide you on the essentials of angel investing.

Instructor:  Anette Nordvall

Early-Stage Tech Investor
Venture Partner, Butterfly Ventures

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Impactful Pitching
for Startups

Welcome to the startup pitching secret sauce they don't reveal to you at startup programs. In this workshop, we focus on building a compelling startup story with Nordic's leading pitching & public speaking expert.

Instructor:  Andrew Hennigan

Pitching Expert & Startup Coach

Startup Board Essentials

How do you setup your startup's Board? What role can this Board play in a startup’s journey? Why it is important to have a strong Board? This workshop is led by Hanna Moisandar who is Nordic region's leading expert on Boards with a mission to enhance competence and diversity in boardrooms through her organization deb. (Diverse. Executive. Boards.)

Instructor:  Hanna Moisander

Entreprener & Investor

CEO deb. | Co-Founder Hedy Tech

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Go To Market
Essentials for Startups

We are great at coming up with ideas, good at developing products, but when it comes to marketing ... well, that's not so easy. In fact, going to market and building traction are the biggest challenges for early-stage founders. This is a hands-on workshop on essentials of customer understanding, competitive mapping, go to market strategy, and plan execution. 

Instructor:  Taylor Ryan

Founder & CEO Klint Marketing

General Partner LayerThreeVentures

Building a Business in Creative Sector

Creative industry is the backbone of the Nordic region. However, it is also very challenging to build a scalable business in this industry. The workshop  provides creative entrepreneurs an overview of the sector, guidelines on building a sustainable business model, and strategies to build traction.

Instructor:  Sofie Marin

Creative Sector Expert
Founder, Arts Dynamics

Founder, From Sweden Productions

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Startup Grants & Public Funding in Nordics

Nordic region is home to extensive alternative funding opportunities. Where do you start as a startup founder? How to look for grants and funding? How to write a winning funding application? What to do once you receive funding?

Instructor:  Sienna Bankler-Jukes
Policy Expert & Grants Specialist

Impact Essentials for Startups & Businesses

Three hours of power-packed learning and group activities covering fundamentals of impact and sustainability, preparing for sustainability compliance, and refresher on how ESG investing works.

Instructor:  Dr. Jinqin Yang
Founder | Cusp Consulting

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Human Power for Startups & Businesses

People are the most important asset of any business. Even more so in case of startups because at the early stage, everything from startup momentum, to founder relations, partner trust, and investor confidence is about people. In this workshop our expert takes you through the conscious leadership framework to harness the human power in your business.

Instructor:  Dafne Morales

Conscious Leadership Expert
Founder Boreal Group | ex P&G | ex Nestlé

Startup Fundraising 

Raising capital is getting tougher. As a startup founder this means you need to be better prepared. This workshop provides an overview of the fundraising landscape, helps you determine the funding readiness of your startup and provides you insights on how to do investor outreach.

Instructor:  Michael Wilkinson

Serial Entrepreneur, Global Startup Mentor, ex-Crowdcube

NV NVA Michael 800x600.png

Want to Partner up or join as an Instructor?

Nordic Venture Academy is always on the lookout for brilliant minds who can empower the next generation of startup founders and professionals. If you are interested in leading a workshop or partnering with the Nordic Venture Academy, send us your request.

General Terms & Conditions
Nordic Venture Academy

These General Terms and Conditions ("Terms")  apply to participation in programs and workshops ("Terms") that are arranged by Nutty Ventures including as part of the Nordic Venture Academy (“NVA”). The terms and conditions apply between the registered attendee ("attendee") and Nutty Ventures AB, organization no. 559308-0228 (“NV”, “we”, “our”, or “us”).

  • By registering for a program, the attendee confirms that they have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these Terms and that they have read our Privacy Policy. 

  • On the registration website, the attendee can select the program they want to register for and find current information about the topic, instructor, date and time, and any other details. Attendees can also review relevant policies of the registration platform at the time of registering. We reserve the right to make changes to the program up to the day when the program takes place.

  • The booking is binding and non-refundable. Payments are only accepted online at the registration website. All prices are subject to VAT of 25% according to law.

  • The registration is exclusive to the attendee and non-transferable. We reserve the right to terminate attendee access if they share their individual access with others without authorization.

  • During the registration process, attendees agree to provide their correct information such as their name, email address, telephone number, work & professional details etc.

  • Programs are led by instructors who are ultimately responsible for the quality and content of their respective programs. NV selects and screens them in good faith. However, NV is not responsible for information provided by the instructors.

  • Attendees understand that running their business and taking decisions regarding it are their own sole responsibility. Using advice, information, or content related to the Workshop content or related interaction in or outside their business occurs at the participant's own risk. Nutty Ventures, NVA, Instructors, or partners, affiliates, experts, coaches, or anyone associated with workshops or otherwise is not responsible for any costs or losses that you or your business may incur as a result of using the advice, information, or content provided in or around NV or NVA Workshops. Our liability to the attendee shall never exceed the amount attendee paid for participating in the event that caused any damage.

  • Programs are held digitally via Zoom. Attendee needs to connect on time, by using a computer (desktop / laptop), and should keep the video on during the program for interactivity, enhance learning and interaction experience.

  • Programs are not recorded. If an attendee misses the opportunity to attend, they will only receive the summary slides that are shared afterward.

  • Material presented in the programs may not be shared publicly by the attendees, nor the session be recorded in any way by the attendees.

  • Attendee agrees to maintain cordial professional decorum during the program and in any communications or actions linked to the program, its instructors, or NV.

  • We have the right to cancel the program due to low attendance, instructor sudden unavailability, or any circumstances beyond our control, such as a strike, fire, natural disaster, act of war, action by the authorities, or sudden illness. If the program is canceled as above, the attendee is offered to participate in another training for the same fee or to receive a refund of the fee minus any registration processing fees. Compensation beyond that is not paid.

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