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Meet the Minds

Welcome to the Nordic Secret Sauce  of Building Future

The world looks up to the Nordics as an inspiration. We lead the world on innovation. Why? Because we are problem solvers. We are builders. We are as tough as the weather we live in. We share ideas openly and offer support. We believe in individual responsibility. We strive for the greater good. And we have created an economic system that encourages risk-taking without the fear of losing. Together, this results in unparalleled innovation. It's time to take the Nordics to the world.

Naimul Abd

Founder, Nutty Ventures AB


Naimul is a serial ecosystem builder. He is CEO of Connect East - Connect is Sweden's largest angel investors network. He also heads three global startup ecosystems in the Nordics: Startup Grind, Founder Institute, and Founders Live. Every year, he coaches more than 1000 CEOs, Founders, and Leadership Teams and inspires another 10000+ through events and ecosystems initaitives. He has managed three EU-funded acceleration programs and coached at top accelerators including Techstars, Social Impact Accelerator and DEEP Ecosystems. Also a marketer, he has consulted more than 20 global brands including Nestlé, Coca Cola, Tetra Pak, Honda and been a marketing director, strategy head, creative director, research director, and a regional head. Naimul holds a Masters in Marketing and a Masters in Entrepreneurship from Sweden.

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Nutty Ventures is honored to have leading Nordic and Global ecosystem leaders as thought leaders and advisors in our journey to strengthen entrepreneurship, innovation, and impact globally.

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