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Hottest Nordic Ecosystem to Build Your Startup 

Nutty Ventures Ecosystem Blueprint

Global Networks

Tap into global communities, resources, and programs with our Nordic ecosystem partners Founder Institute, Startup Grind, and Founders Live.

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Mega Events

Connect with experts, investors, and potential co-founders through our mega events with top tier keynotes, panels, and live pitching.

Nordic Venture Academy

Accelerate your startup building journey with a series of compressed & practical digital workshops with startup experts to get you closer to your dream.

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Now is the best time to build your dream!

Nutty Ventures is connecting startups, experts & investors from Nordics and the world over.

Nordic Pitch Battle 2023
Region's Biggest Online Pitching Event

October 31st 2023 

Connect with hundreds of entrepreneurs, investors & startup experts!

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Attend Nordic Pitch Battle

Join the Nordic Pitch Battle 2023 as an attendee - it's free and it's a great way to learn about startup pitching!

Pitch at Nordic Pitch Battle

Apply to pitch your startup idea at the Nordic Pitch Battle 2023. Send your request at your earliest!

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Support Nordic Pitch Battle

Partner up with Nordic Pitch Battle 2023 to support the Nordic startup and innovation ecosystem.


Do you want to reinvent growth in your organization? Would you like to team up with entrepreneurs and startups? Our team can design a custom innovation sprint for you.

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Nordic Connect Program

Are you looking to collaborate with the Nordic ecosystem? Or as a Nordic organization, do you want to connect with international ecosystems? Let’s make it happen!

Past Speakers

nv web speakers 1 magnus.png

Magnus Grimeland


nv web speakers 2 anna.png

Anna Gissler

Invest Stockholm

nv web speakers 3 swi.png

Siw Andersen

Oslo Business Region

nv web speakers 4 marvin.png

Marvin Liao

Diaspora Ventures

nv web speakers 5 jeanette.png

Jeanette Carlsson

Tech Nordic Advocates

nv web speakers 6 thomas.png

Thomas Bigagli

Plug and Play

nv web speakers 7 funda.png

Funda Sezgi

Norrsken Foundation

nv web speakers 8 anders.png

Anders Hammarbäck


nv web speakers 9 max.png

Max Samuel

SNÖ Ventures

nv web speakers 10 sofia.png

Sofia Breitholtz

Reach for Change

nv web speakers 11 evelina.png

Evelina Anttila


nv web speakers 12 pär.png

Pär Hedberg


nv web speakers 13 jonathan.png

Jonathan Greechan

Founder Institute

nv web speakers 14 hugo.png

Hugo de Stacpoole

Seedrs | Republic

nv web speakers 15 cilia.png

Cilia Holmes Indahl

EQT Foundation

nv web speakers 16 sara.png

Sara Kappelmark

Norrsken Foundation

nv web speakers 17 anette.png

Anette Nordvall

Butterfly Ventures

nv web speakers 18 per.png

Per Björklund

Further than Capital

nv web speakers 19 malcolm.png

Malcolm Larri


nv web speakers 20 taylor.png

Taylor Ryan

Klint Marketing

nv web speakers 21 leo.png

Leo Giertz


nv web speakers 22 donnie.png

Donnie SC Lygonis

KTH Innovation

nv web speakers 23 nick.png

Nick Hughes

Founders Live

nv web speakers 24 felicia.png

Felicia Nordgård


Ecosystem Partners

Logo Partners Founder Institute Nordics Color.png

Founder Institute Nordics

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Founders Live Nordics

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Friends of Nutty Ventures

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Butterfly Ventures

Media Library